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Co-founder at Traject

Traject is a start up focused on helping highly skilled and talented people in the tech sector immigrate to New Zealand.

We are based in Wellington, and are working in conjunction with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and Immigration New Zealand. We are tackling this immigration issue in support for the Result 9 - Better for Business innitiative and are currently in Acceleration out of CreativeHQ in the R9Accelerator.

All the Side Projects

Yoga in the Park

Yoga workshop event registration


View progress on Github


Group based shared accounting system

react.js, redux, node.js

View progress on Github

Pendulum Wave

Harmonic pendulum wave 3D animation

Three.js and JavaScript

View on Github

JavaScript Animation

Animation of network connections


View on Github


Govtech - Apr 16

What is govtech ... Read more

Hacking Business Instead of Code - Apr 10

Recently, I co-founded a company called Traject in New Zealand. Traject is focused on helping highly skilled people immigrate to New Zealand. This is a short list of some of the takeaways that I’ve learned along the way. ... Read more

Treehugger - A NatureHack application - Nov 16

Treehugger won the award “Most novel use of Landcare Research data” at Naturehack 2015 ... Read more

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Selected Works

development demo of

NodeSchool Wellington

Design and Development

development demo of


Design, Development, Marketing, Customer Interaction

development demo of


Design and Development

development demo of


Design and Development


Formal Education

Skill Set

Front End

Angular.JS | JavaScript | CoffeeScript | JQuery | Sass | Leaflet.JS | React.JS

Back End

Node.JS | Ruby on Rails


Mocha | Rspec & Capybara | Minitest

Design & UX

Photoshop | Illustrator | Sketch | Balsamiq | Inkscape


MySQL | MongoDB | Redis | | Matlab | ArcGIS | Wordpress | Docker


      Outside of development, I like to practice yoga and acrobatics, all things flow arts, build communities, look at rocks, bicycle, and make the world a better place. I believe one of the best things you can do is keep your body in motion. Generally speaking, I always have my eyes open to opportunities for personal growth.

      View a short documentary about my role in Longhorn Circus, a student organization at the University of Texas that I co-founded. This group of circus enthusiasts are still meeting today, changing peoples lives for the better.


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  • Wellington, New Zealand
Ashlyn Baum